November 09, 2011

show & tell

Looking back over some of the photo shoots I did this last year, I realized that I missed out on show-and-tell here on my blog.  This fun shoot was a Father's Day gift; taken in the spring at Bernhard Museum.  Sweet kids...

September 22, 2011

R Family

Started off the fall season in a good way... a lovely time with the R Family.  The morning light was beautiful and there were cool breezes.  A big thanks to their friends who let us use their home on the river for their family photos. 

March 24, 2011

girls will be girls

You know a photo shoot is a success when you leave with your car full of cat tail fuzz, girls with wet, muddy feet and the need to change clothes.  My daughter and my niece are "tweenish" and I was delightfully reminded that these girls are still girls.  They played and laughed and I think at times they forgot I was even taking pictures.  If you could see the hundred or so photos I took, you would see what I mean.  I love these girls and this season of life is so precious.  Childhood is quickly fleeting away.  This time with them was truly a blessing.

March 13, 2011

great ideas

I had an idea... I gathered up my girl and my niece and set off on my mission. Then come to find out, Miss A had an idea, too. She had great ideas, actually. So, we realized her ideas and mine.  It was a fun afternoon making memories - we might have to make this a tradition!

"She's a little bit country..."

March 08, 2011

having fun (?)

Just don't try to hold my hand, big brother!

March 03, 2011

sunflowers & baby blessings

One great thing about working in the town I grew up in is that I've had the privilege to get together with some friends from high school.  I love seeing their families and reconnecting.  And it's so great to have the opportunity to be a part of their special memories and to capture life's moments.

There's nothing more hopeful and cherished than expecting a child... whether it's your first or your third.  Many blessings to Jenn and Sean on number three.


Two flowers or one?  I like them both... either way it makes me smile.

February 21, 2011